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@LancomeUSA Visionnaire Yeux Advanced Multi-Correcting Eye Balm. Who doesn't love a multitasking product that can reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and puffiness? I am still testing the product out but I can already tell that my makeup is looking flawless on top of this eye balm. It is nourishing and rich but doesn't react bad with my foundation and other steps. I like that it helps with my puffy eyes especially in the morning and my eye shape is quite like this. Monolids are not easy to manage! I like the light fresh scent of the product a lot and the texture is so smooth and lightweight. It reminds me a lot of an eye primer, very rich and silicone like. . Thank you @lancomeofficial and @octoly for sending this product over to try and review. . More infos here: Get it here: . . #LancomeOctoly @octolyfr #VisionnaireYeux #octolyfamily #honestreview #futilitiesmore #futilitiesandmore #lancome #skincare #antiaging #visionnaireyeux #lancomevisionnaire #sephora

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I haven't been lucky this time with @makeupgeekcosmetics @marlenastell to receive their new #inthenude collection 😢but in case you are interested in getting some of the new eyeshadows or bronzers or ANYTHING from their permanent collection , here is my COUPON CODE: " FUTILITIESMOREITN10 " to get 10% OFF applicable on EVERYTHING as long as you buy an item from the #InTheNude collection . I am affiliated with Makeup Geek and I earn a small % when you use my link or this coupon. Thank you in advance for your support, it is greatly appreciated and thank you for being so nice with me everyday, I read and reply to ALL my comments and it keeps me motivated ! . 📸: Makeup Geek Direct link in my bio as usual and use my code: FUTILITIESMOREITN10 Enjoy!!! . . #futilitiesandmore #futilitiesmore #futilitiesmoremug #makeupgeek #makeupgeekeyeshadows #makeupgeekcosmetics #teammug #inthenudecollection #marlenastell #mug #makeupgeekcoupon

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

California Dreaming Collection - Infinite Shine by @opi_products @OPI_Professionals in the shade #MeMyselfAndI. This is going to be my summer shade . This is a vibrant coral that is super pigmented with almost a white base. I love the orange undertone of this #californiadreaming nail polish collection, this is so pretty on my recent tan! . #PutYourManiInTheAir More infos here: Thank you @OPI_Products and @OctolyFR for sending this polish over! . . @OctolyFR #octolyfamily #honestreview #futilitiesmore #futilitiesandmore #opi #opinailpolish #nailpolish #nailsofinstagram #opimemyselfandi #octoly

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